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IFP 8X Indeco fixed Hidraulic Breaker 750kg

Indeco IFP 8Xcrushing pliers whith a weight of 750kg and which guarantees, thanks to its special geometry, the same force between the maximum and minimum opering. An optional regeneration valve, allowing you faster moving jaw closure in vacuum.

   Light regulation between the blades located inside the jaws to obtain a more efficient cut of the armon irons, as well as interchangeable blande that can be used on both sides, doubling their duration. Hidraulic cylinder positioned to avoid stem abrasions.

Excavator weight:                               6 ÷ 18 ton

Attachment operating weight                 750 Kg

Max opening                                             650 mm

Height                                                      1700 mm

Width                                                        980 mm

Jaw width                                                 345 mm

Oil delivery                                       80 ÷ 200 l/min

Maximum working pressure                    350 bar

Maximum clamping force at tip                 50 ton

Maximum clamping force at shears         160 ton

Shear length                                                100 mm

Max cutting diameter                                  40 mm

Min. closure time                                           2 s

Min. opening time                                          1 s

Type of carrier

- Compact excavator
- Wheeled excavator